Friday, February 1, 2013

Liming - St Vincent style

by Alex ‘Kubiyashi’ Barnwell

Alex ‘Kubiyashi’ Barnwell is a Producer/Audio Engineer and loves to spend time Liming – either on his own or with his friends! Find out how Alex likes to Lime and pick up some tips on the best nights out in St Vincent!

What is your favourite place to lime? There’s so many places I love but Bush Bar or Tree House are my favourite!

Are there certain events going on throughout the week which you can’t miss?
Yes definitely - Sunday nights for Drop Off and Country parties, Saturday nights for the Events about St. Vincent... Not really any events I can do without missing really!

What is your favourite music to lime to? My Favorite music to lime to is Pop/Techno, Hip Hop, and Caribbean Soca/Power Soca. Swedish House Mafia - Dont you Worry Child, Hip Hop - Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools, Soca - Bunji - Differentology, Power Soca - Machel – Float are all great.

What is your favourite drink? Ginger-ale!

Tell us about what typically goes on when you’re liming …
When I go out liming it’s usually with myself - other than that it’s my crew of usual suspects. When I go out to lime it’s truly to have fun, talk and catch up on all the important things I otherwise cant. To listen to some good music, and keep in touch with the scene – that’s liming for me.

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