Friday, February 1, 2013

Insider tips for a night on the Lime!

by Niquette Ballantyne

Following on from our chat with Jamila Soso-Vincent, we would love to introduce you to Niquette Ballantyne, a Statistical Officer who definitely knows how to Lime!

What is your favourite place to lime? Tree House Bar is a great Lime!

Are there certain events going on throughout the week which you can’t miss?
Friday night! And I can’t miss the karaoke on a Monday night, however tree house bar is always swinging with pool playing and people liming and drinking!

What is your favourite drink? Vodka and Cranberry – great for Liming!

Tell us about what typically goes on when you’re liming… When I go liming I lime with either my special someone or my girlfriends. Chatting, drinking, dancing, playing pool, checking out the cute dudes if any comes along and getting some nice roasted pork to eat are activities that mostly take place when we go liming.

What makes liming in SVG so special? Liming in SVG is an experience you don’t want to miss out on, the people are down to earth, they know how to have a good time, partying/liming is what gives most of the working class people a relief after a long day at work and on weekends party/lime takes place almost everywhere in the country especially on a Friday night.


  1. very well said Niquette! Hope to see you at Tree House SOON. Hopefully,I'll be one of the cuties you'll be sussing out :)so PLEASE leave that significant other at home! LOL...BUT SERIOUSLY,TREE HOUSE IS A GREAT LIME!

  2. Thanks for a Great Post SVG is on my Bucket List for Liming hopefully in 2014, Keep those post coming