Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vincy Liming - Hear it from the locals

by Jamila Soso-Vincent

With our Liming Appreciation Society off to a great start, today we were lucky enough to catch up with the lovely Jamila Soso-Vincent, a journalist and regular Limer! Find out what Liming means to Jamila and get an insight into where and how to Lime in true Vincy style.

What is your favourite place to lime? On the mainland, I like liming at Chillerz Bar/Restaurant and In Bequia, I like liming at Mango's, Lower Bay. Any night and any location is a great night for me once I have good company.

Are there certain events going on throughout the week which you can’t miss? Karaoke at SOV or Mareyna, and roast pork at Punkie's.

What is your favourite music to lime to? I prefer soca and reggae (or old school dancehall - not that new 'aggressive' stuff)...artistes such as Skinny Fabulous, Lil Rick, Bunji, Machel, Fya Empress, Jah Cure, Taurus Riley, Damien Marley...and other artistes of that same ilk.

What is your favourite drink? Amaretto Sour

Tell us about what typically goes on when you’re liming Mostly drinking, chatting, a bit of dancing depending on whether the venue allows for this, making jokes, reminiscing on past limes, and of course some kind of eating has to go down!

What makes liming in SVG so special? The laid-back atmosphere, the jovial and fun-loving nature of Vincentians, the warm weather, and it doesn't take a lot of money to have a good time!

Do you see liming as a crucial part of your life, and why?
Most definitely! Why? Because all work and no play makes us all very dull...and nobody wants to be around dull people after a hard day at work!

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