Friday, January 7, 2011

An Enchanting Dinner

by Jacqui English, E-Commerce Officer, St. Vincent & the Grenadines Tourism Authority

The year 2011 was greeted with a dinner at Young Island Resort – a privately owned 35 acre enchanted island, with 29 charming cottages. It is the closest inhabited island to St. Vincent, and it’s accessible only by sea.

As guests boarded the ferry, moored alongside Villa’s dock for the 5-minute ride to the venue, I was delighted by experiencing ‘getting to dinner by ferry’. There appeared to be no race against time, as the ferry slowly crossed the 200-yard distance to Young Island.

The island’s festive lights seemed to beckon from a fairy tale, casting its magical wand into the night upon the arriving passengers. As we drew closer, guest cottages peeked amiably at us through the darkness from the forested landscape.

Upon docking at Young Island, which is also a national wildlife reserve, a short walk along the alluring beach front, and through tropical flora, led us to the Captain Bligh Lounge and Bar, where we enjoyed cocktail drinks along with soothing music.

We were then escorted to an indoor dining room - elegantly draped in white. I stood enthralled for a moment, while pondering on my seating options.

An array of splendid cuisine adorned the buffet table, such as roasted striploin beef with red wine and berry sauce, baked chicken breast with golden-apple reduction, potato, corn and sweet pepper salad, pumpkin casserole and Christmas cake.

Our cheerful chatter was accompanied by a cool breeze from the ocean, drifting through the open window. I then realized that my favorite selections from my platter, were the delectable devilled eggs, conch fritters, coconut bread, grilled fillet fish with sweet pepper and chili sauce, salted ham, stewed green peas and cheesecake.

Still there was more to come, as this enchanting dinner concluded with a pleasant surprise. Then, all too soon, the evening culminated with the Young Island’s ferry ride to St. Vincent, without which, the event would be incomplete.